The vast majority of my clients are frustrated with their inability to change unwanted habits despite repeatedly resolving to do so. They feel that their thoughts and behaviours have gone on autopilot and that a more moderate, personal-development approach would be more suited to their needs than traditional addiction treatment or complete abstinence.
Whilst physical dependency, dual-diagnoses and highly entrenched behaviours often require clinical intervention, the tools required to change day-to-day habits can lie entirely in our own hands. Despite this, we often look outside of ourselves when we’ve once again ‘hit rock bottom’, investing rashly in a new craze or guru.
I aim to guide my clients to look inwards instead, and develop lasting insight into what is holding them back. The intention of my work is to equip clients with the personal insight and clarity they require to action any plan of their choosing.
Something that many addictions therapists have in common is that they rarely focus on the substance itself, because they know that the concepts used to illicit motivation apply to almost all habit-change. I am confident that the same therapeutic approaches used with people in active addiction can be used even more effectively with those who wish to gain preemptive insight into habits that they fear may become more problematic in the future.

The approach is for you if…

  • You feel like you’re making the same resolutions every year (or every Monday)
  • You create meticulous plans of action but can’t seem to  keep them up
  • You’re confused as to why you can’t stop behaving a certain way even though you really want to
  • You feel demoralized after a series of unsuccessful attempts to change
  • You’re tired of signing up to miracle plans that aren’t sustainable
  • The way you speak to yourself is cruel and self-sabotaging
  • You feel your life is on hold until you’ve achieved your goals
  • You believe you’ll always be an ‘all or nothing’ person
  • You start a new plan every Monday only to ‘fall off track’ by Wednesday
  • You think your're someone who 'starts things but doesn’t finish them'
  • Your inability to make changes is negatively impacting your relationships, social life, professional development or wellbeing
  • You don’t feel you have the self-esteem or self-belief needed to change
  • You struggle to make realistic plans but small improvements don't keep you motivated
  • Despite repeated attempts to change, your habits have worsened over time
  • You’re tired of declaring to loved ones that you’re making changes, only to have to update them that you’ve once again ‘fallen off the wagon’
  • You believe yourself to have an ‘addictive personality’
  • You want to be honest about the thoughts and behaviours you’re not proud of, in a judgement-free zone
  • You want to set your own goals that fit into your lifestyle, based on what’s important to you
  • You feel your thoughts and behaviours have gone on autopilot mode
  • Despite the landscape of your life changing, some of your habits have stayed the same and now seem inappropriate
  • You want to explore healthier and more diverse ways to deal with stress, worrying and boredom
  • You want to invest  in personal development and become more self-aware
  • You want to become more resilient and invest in long-term goals instead of giving in to immediate temptations
  • You hoped that your accomplishments to date would have given you more self-esteem and belief in yourself
  • You feel you don't have an 'off switch' or know when to stop doing something.
  • When it comes to your behaviours, it's time to question the status quo
  • You want to create a bespoke plan that works for you
  • You’re looking for a more laid back approach to talking about your habits, as opposed to deeper counselling
  • You want to look forward to living a more enjoyable life (as opposed to just getting moving away from the negative stuff)
  • You think you lack will power
  • Your body is no longer able to keep up with your habits*
  • Your wallet is no longer able to fund your habits
  • You feel like your behaviour is the boss of you
*Please note I am not currently working privately with clients who have serious physical dependencies. I can however recommend trusted colleagues in the addictions field who do.