One-to-One Sessions


My approach is designed to help clients develop enough confidence, resilience and self-awareness to ultimately manage their own habits without my support.

Following an initial consultation, most clients choose to book ‘check-in’ appointments over the next 12-30 weeks. The frequency of these depends on how much support each individual feels that they need.

Unlike some more traditional talking therapies, my sessions are very much aimed at ‘handing over’ tools, techniques and suggestions, much like a coach. Clients often find it useful to bring along a pad and pen to make a note of references and actions.


Sessions take place at No. 7 Harley Street and at Charterhouse Clinic (located between Baker Street and Marble Arch). 
Depending on availability I also see some clients at their place of work. When this is the case, I ask that clients are able to book a room or office which is private and distraction-free. 
Skype sessions can also be arranged. 


90 minute Consultation: £220 (Skype £180)
During this first meeting, I explain my approach, get to know a bit more about your concerns and help you to establish initial goals.
1 hour Session: £160 (Skype £120)
Ongoing check-ins to explore any challenges faced, acknowledge progress and tweak plans.


Payment is made by bank transfer. Invoices are issued via email following each session.
Sessions can be cancelled up to 24 hours in advance at no charge. A late cancellation fee of £50 per hour applies thereafter.


1-day workshops are designed for staff teams and groups of up to 15 attendees. They involve working through a series of guided mind maps designed to help delegates increase in confidence, develop self-awareness and set goals. Although I do lead general group discussions around motivation as a concept, no personal information is shared during the workshops. In fact, even I don’t need to know what changes attendees are there to make.
Where appropriate I am keen to work alongside managers to ensure the workshop is bespoke, as well as provide any follow-up services. 
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Public Speaking

If you would like to me to speak at a conference or on a panel, please get in touch.