“I’m honestly feeling really positive and healthy at the moment – the best I’ve felt in December for a long time! I’m planning to keep this up and have a quiet, peaceful Christmas break and go into 2017 having already started on the right track.

Thanks again for all the support over the last few months, I can honestly say you’ve changed my life so much when I look back to this time last year or even to this summer.”

Feedback from private client wishing to moderate drinking habits.

I have been on what I can only describe as the most motivating Motivational Interviewing training in years. Today I got to apply this to my own Slimming World Journey. I can see that my confidence is high but the importance to lose weight has been lost. Need something more than a group and more often. Thank god for Shahroo.”

Feedback from an Addictions Worker, following professional development training on how to combine Motivational Interviewing and Mapping to increase motivation – both for clients and ourselves.

“I have so much to thank you for I know that I would probably have ended up a complete mess if you hadn’t helped me to realise that there is a good and happy life waiting out there for me, all I had to do was go out and grab hold of it and make it how I wanted it to be. When I thought I would never have any friends you filled that gap for me as well as being my keyworker.

You helped me to be proud of myself and walk with my head held high and you will always be in my mind and give me strength whenever I hit a low point in my life, not that I think that will ever happen, but I can always think ‘What would Shahroo have said to me.”

Letter from a one-to-one client in community services battling depression and alcohol addiction.

“Trainer was absolutely fantastic. It has been the only training course I have attended (in 25 years) that I have felt sad when it finished, I could listen to Shahroo forever! I feel I have the skills now to manage my own life better. I would attend any training presented by Shahroo.”

Feedback from an Emerging Horizons delegate, following 3-day training in the principles of asset-based recovery from drugs and alcohol.

“I am writing this letter just to say thank you for helping me turn my life around. I don’t know if this sounds right, but I am truly grateful for your help and support for the last couple of months. When you found me I was basically a wreck, I had just come out of another drink and drug binge and I was again physically and mentally sick, confused and at my lowest I have been for a while. I wasn’t in a good place when you first contacted me, and I couldn’t attend our first session but you contacted me again and I eventually came to see you. I didn’t have much expectation really, but I left from that first session with a new hope and energy. When you told me that I can turn my life around and that I didn’t need the drugs and alcohol that it was all in my mind, the way you explained it, I started to think that maybe you might be right.

I have felt differently since that first session and you gave me the confidence, and strength to ‘stick it out’ through some tricky periods, when before I would have definitely drank and used on. More importantly I have started liking myself and believing that I can really beat this thing, but even more amazing is that I don’t want to drink or use anymore. No one has ever told me I could beat my demons the way you did. You have given me the hope, strength, confidence and a new found positive energy that was lacking, and a belief that I can change my life. Your positivity is infectious and I am truly grateful that you were able to see me when you did. I know these are early days and I don’t want to get carried away but I feel like my life has started again. Seeing you plus going to an AA meting once a week and regular meditation and exercise have changed my outlook on life drastically. Life isn’t painful anymore and I don’t live in fear, my social anxiety has reduced considerably.

I am sad that you are leaving so soon, but if you are able to help more people the way you have helped me then it is for the best. I was hopelessly addicted to alcohol and crack cocaine and couldn’t stay off the stuff for more than 5 weeks for the past 6 years and I have been in the grip of alcoholism and depression since I was 17 years old. I am 34 years old now and 3 months sober, early days I know but I feel great in such a short space of time, and it’s all down to you Shahroo for kick starting my life.

There is so much more I could say but I think I’ll leave it at this.

You are an angel and I am eternally grateful. Thank you so much. Hope you find lasting happiness and success for the future.”

Letter from a one-to-one client struggling with alcohol and crack cocaine dependency.