• You and Shahroo book in an intensive, exploratory and insightful conversation that helps to shed more light on the changes you're finding it difficult to make on your own. 

  • Based on this discussion, Shahroo creates and sends you a bespoke plan of change to implement. It's intended to help you achieve your goals, as well as build your self-esteem, self-awareness and self-belief. It's informed by the wisdom you already have, that's drawn out during the conversation you've had with her.

  • After a while, you may then choose to check-in with Shahroo again and individual packages can be discussed. That said, she is keen for the session to be a handover of the tools and insights you need to implement changes on your own. This is aligned with her overall approach of reminding clients and readers that they don't feel dependent on her or anyone else to sustain meaningful changes.



Meeting one to one with Shahroo tends to look something like this...



For more information on sessions with Shahroo, including prices and booking instructions, first submit the brief questionnaire on the Contact page by clicking the button below.

Shahroo will then get in touch by email to advise whether it sounds like her approach would be appropriate.

***Please note: there is currently a waiting list of at least 2 weeks and all sessions

are taking place online***