Through up-beat, reflective conversations, Shahroo draws out the clarity, personal insight and self-belief required to design and embed a truly bespoke plan of change. 


Her aim is to hand over tools as quickly as possible, so that clients feel empowered to sustain changes independently. 

Shahroo's coaching packages take place online, and are available to organisations as well as individuals.

Please note, the average wait time for a session is 4 weeks and coaching packages must be used within 3 months.


Shahroo sees her sessions as a handover of useful and interesting tools over a friendly conversation between equals. Her job is simply to 'fill in the gaps', by making sure you have all information you need to implement any desire plan of change throughout your life. 


She asks questions that are designed to help you gain more insight into your patterns and motivators. As well as helping you to clarify your goals and externalise your feelings, the responses you share with Shahroo directly inform the plan of action that she creates for you, and the tools the she designs to help you stay on track.


We all know that habit-forming essentially involves making new, difficult decisions until they feel simple and familiar.

Shahroo believes that the same strategies we need to make these choices are useful across all life areas and should be common knowledge.


Thats because they’re based in self-compassion, self-belief and self-awareness. By focusing more broadly on developing ourselves in these areas, we don’t only achieve our goals more quickly, we also empower ourselves with tools to for feeling more motivated and confident across our lives.


Shahroo knows that when it comes to creating new behaviours, knowing what to do isn't the challenge. It’s help getting going and staying on track that we need more of.


By learning her approach, you can create, activate and sustain plans of change for your own reasons - and on your own terms. 


Shahroo has helped me see the difference between being busy and being productive. After only one meeting, she was able to give me the exact strategies and exercises I needed do to in order to accomplish more in less time when it came to setting up my business.


These daily practises have caused my old procrastinating habits to change and allowed my business to get off the ground.


It's not always easy, and I'm still learning, but Shahroo has given me the tools I need to get where I want to go.



Aside from my own experience of Shahroo's superb work, the greatest testament is that our clients keep requesting more and more of her invaluable experience, insights and strategies to successfully manage their emotional wellbeing.




...that's what Shahroo does. Gets me to ask fundamental questions with a kindness and compassion I normally reserve for others.



My life completely changed for I’m the most positive of ways when I met Shahroo Izadi. With kindness and compassion she has taught me to navigate life’s ups and downs during these crazy times.


She helps me organize my business, allows me to voice my concerns about my family and then helps me come up with solutions to tackle the immediate issues. But the most important lesson I have learned from working with Shahroo is that I too have value and it is ok to embrace self care.


We set tangible goals, come up with strategies and revisit our progress. Meeting Shahroo has been the most amazing gift to me. I know that I have a confident, and the most intuitive coach. I am truly blessed to be in her orbit.