"We founded the Together network at M&C Saatchi to support physical and mental wellbeing in three core pillars - promoting positive physical and mental wellbeing in the organisation, raising awareness of the importance of good holistic health and offering support to those who need it. That's why when we heard about Shahroo's experience and workshops, we couldn't wait for her to join us to share her invaluable advice. Everything Shahroo covered was of use to everyone and provided our wonderful employees with useful and actionable tips to take into their everyday lives. The feedback that we received following the session was also incredible. Inspiring, fulfilling, useful and optimistic are just a few of the words which came up time and time again. The session as invaluable and we look forward to hearing from Shahroo more in the future."


- Lily Hawkins, Head of Brand and Culture M&C Saatchi Sports & Entertainment

“Absolutely brilliant and so inspirational. I bought the book also and have been recommending it to all my friends!” – Head of Finance

“Thank you , that was really amazing, making you think in such a different way” – Retail Operations Manager

“Very helpful and much needed during this time. Thank you Shahroo” – Finance Director

- Fred Perry

"I thought the session was great! Gave me a whole new way to look at things and has made an instant impact on the habit I have been trying to get away from for years! Really glad to have been able to attend."

"Provided very realistic scenarios and activities to identify areas for improvement for self/others. Learning facts about the effect that digital products have had on society. Very well thought out topics/everyday examples and well structured."

"That should be a compulsory training for everyone"

- Procter & Gamble

"Shahroo was a great pick for our 15-18 year old students, who needed to hear her message about kindness. She is relatable and personable and she provided some really practical strategies for changing behaviour that isn’t working. I can’t recommend her highly enough." ​

- Ron Elliot, Deputy Headteacher and Safeguarding Lead at The British Schoolin The Netherlands

Shahroo came all the way to Tbilisi within TBC Bank’s educational  platform to share her kind methods and experience with our personal banking clients. Both her workshop and speech was an inspiration for the participants. She gave clear instructions for self-improvement, which can be useful any time, for anyone. We have been getting very positive feedback following the session from our private banking clients for arranging these meetings with Shahroo as they found it inspiring and most importantly, very useful experience.


- Marika Abuladze, Project Manager, TBC Bank, Georgia

"Shahroo is Britain's answer to Brene Brown. As well as being an expert in her field, she's a natural story teller, keeping audiences engaged and inspired, and drawing them in with her infectious warmth. Her talk at Women's Health Live drew far more of a crowd than we were able to seat, yet she took time and care to speak to each person with questions afterwards."

- Saskia Quirke, Fashion Director, Women's Health UK

"Shahroo is exceptional and motivational"

"Wow - mind blown and I feel so motivated! Thank you so much!

"Insightful and comical, perfect business awareness balance! Thanks!"

- Attendees of a talk given at British Library's Business and IP Center

"Shahroo is so full of knowledge, wit and kindness, her genuine mission is to make others feel like a happier, best version of themselves. She is professional, always responsive and willing to go above and beyond to make sure the event is to the highest standard. She recently spoke to a crowd of 600 at Sweaty Betty Live and the feedback from this has been fantastic, with women from across the country messaging me personally to say how moved they were by her message (plus, her book sold out!)"

- Harriet Lorne, Editor, Sweaty Betty

"The Kindness Method workshop with Shahroo was outstanding. So useful and delivered so well!"

- Warner Music

"The Kindness Method is one of my favourite books. I love Shahroo's positive, optimistic approach and her focus on building our self-esteem rather than tearing ourselves down"

- Ella Mills, founder of Deliciously Ella

“After reading The Kindness Method it was immediately apparent that the route to change passionately shared by Shahroo would have a significant impact on the lives of our staff and children.  Using evidence based practice, Shahroo was able to skilfully share with us the tools to not only understand behavioural change, but to effect that in ourselves and others.  Over 100 staff from our cluster of schools were inspired, motivated and equipped to use these techniques immediately and I would highly recommend Shahroo to anyone looking to learn about challenge and lasting change.”

Shelley Fisher, Headteacher of Arksey Primary School

"Shahroo is engaging, personable, and highly knowledgeable. The Kindness Method is borne out of her own experience but also working with a range of people, and this insight means it’s an approach that works, is easy to understand and adaptable on an individual basis. It’s been a life changer for some of our participants."

Sheridan Parsons, Counselling Lead St Paul's GroupYMCA

"A game-changing book about habits and beliefs that focuses on boosting our self-esteem and resilience, rather than demonising ourselves or our behaviours. And we can use it to change any unwanted behaviour, from struggling with prescription drugs to procrastinating to drinking too much prosecco."

- The Evening Standard

"Lots of people talk or write vaguely about self-esteem but The Kindness Method is the only plan I’ve come across that sets out clearly and simply what you can do to understand yourself better and increase your sense of confidence and self-worth. For those of us with negative inner voices and self-sabotaging habits it is a crucial first step in being kinder to ourselves. The concept of learning to be my own best friend was, and still is, a revelation. I have recommended this book to countless others and don't hesitate to recommend it to you too - whether you're trying to quit an unhealthy habit, achieve a daunting goal or learn to like yourself more.​"

- Yvette Caster, journalist and host of 'Metro Mentally Yours' Podcast

"We have been extremely fortunate to have had Shahroo with us on Samos delivering welfare workshops to coordinators from grassroots projects working in the field. Shahroo also offered one-on-one sessions with volunteers that needed psychosocial support, and shortly upon arriving her schedule was fully booked! Across several illuminating workshops, Shahroo taught us about general welfare, boundaries & burnout, habits & healthy coping strategies and the importance of self-worth. She was engaging, empathetic and entertaining, and really tailored her training to provide us with the right tools to look after ourselves and stay healthy in the humanitarian field. Shahroo still individually supports some of our volunteers through remote coaching sessions, and has kindly offered to continue helping out colleagues that might urgently need psychosocial support. For example, during the recent fire on Samos which shook quite a number of people, Shahroo immediately contacted asking how she could help. Shahroo is a wonderful person and an extremely competent professional. Her care and kindness has helped and continues to help us take better care, be kinder to ourselves and feel supported in an otherwise rather rough working environment."​

- Holly Penalver, CEO & Founder of Indigo Volunteers

"Shahroo's method represents a pathway to true freedom - neither binge nor starvation, neither abstinence nor perpetual drunkenness but that everything in moderation - middle ground which is the holy grail. The best thing is you learn so much about yourself - what motivates and challenges you - which is applicable to every area of life, along the way."​

- Natasha Devon MBE, mental health campaigner & author of The A-Z of Mental Health 

"...that's what Shahroo does. Gets me to ask fundamental questions with a kindness and compassion I normally reserve for others."

- Marisa Bate, journalist & Author of The Periodical Table of Feminism

"Shahroo isn't just an outstanding writer - she's an outstanding trainer too. She ran an engaging and powerful workshop on the Kindness Method at the Museum of Happiness and we would highly recommend her! Our community loved her honesty, light-heartedness, courage and passion for offering proven techniques they can practically apply in their lives."

- Shamash Alidina, Author of Mindfulness For Dummies and co-founder of The Museum Of Happiness

"A guide to creating your own bespoke programme...what I've noted is a palpable sense of relief from realising that being critical of myself is counter-productive. It turns out it's nice to be nice. Especially to yourself.


- Brigid Moss, Contributing Editor, Red Magazine

"Shahroo is not only an extremely talented woman, but also a wise and kind one. The podcast episode she recorded with me was one of the most downloaded of the season, it really struck a chord with all our listeners struggling with their tech habits. If you want help changing any kind of unwanted habit, there’s simply no-one better."

- Tanya Goodin, Author, Founder of Time To Log Off & podcast host of 'It's Complicated'

"We were lucky enough to have Shahroo speak at VERVE 2019. Her talk was genuine, engaging, inspiring and completely from the heart. There was a lot of love for Shahroo and her amazing Kindness Method at the festival."

- Anna Hayward, Festival Director, Verve Wellbeing Festival

"Shahroo's core message - that lasting change happens when we swap self-judgement for self-love - is easily grasped and vitally important. What makes this approach different to others is that she offers a practical and achievable path towards your ultimate aim, whatever it may be. Rather than telling you what to do (or not to do) Shahroo helps you understand why you shoot yourself in the foot repeatedly, and empowers you to change on your own terms. I couldn't recommend her more highly." 

- Hazel Gale, ex-world champion athlete turned therapist and Author of Mind Monsters Solution

"Shahroo's approach is incredibly innovative. Personally, I've gained so much from reading her book The Kindness Method. In the past i have bought many "self-help" books but I often fail to finish reading them. Shahroo's book however is both deeply compelling and extremely practical. Her method has helped me to cultivate more self-compassion and peace of mind. Thanks to The Kindness Method I have now realised how vital both of these qualities are, especially if one struggles with their mental health."

- Jonny Benjamin MBE, mental health campaigner & author of The Stranger on the Bridge

"Shahroo has helped me see the difference between being busy and being productive. After only one meeting, she was able to give me the exact strategies and exercises I needed do to in order to accomplish more in less time when it came to setting up my business. These daily practises have caused my old procrastinating habits to change and allowed my business to get off the ground. It's not always easy, and I'm still learning, but Shahroo has given me the tools I need to get where I want to go." 

-Arianna Radji Lee, Founder of Pachamama, Freelance Event Consultant and Instructor at PSYCLE London

"Shahroo changed my life. I always thought there is something wrong with me. Ashamed, embarrassed of my eating habits. I quit smoking but I couldn’t do anything about my emotional eating that put my life on hold, until the day I listened to her podcast. I managed not only to improve my health and stay on track without lapse and relapse for the longest time, but I also helped myself to see how much I have achieved in my life and see my strength, intelligence, courage. Shahroo introduced me to myself and I fell in love with it. And love is not treating yourself with sweets, but listening to your mind and body and comforting it with what it actually craves for: warmth and kindness."


- Ekaterine Toroshelidze, Head of Marketing, Aurora Group, Azerbaijan