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Power Hour
On-demand time with Shahroo

These fast-paced, intensive sessions provide an opportunity for individuals to run their challenges when it comes to habit-change past Shahroo; and get personalised tools, tips and advice on the spot. During this 'Power Hour' you can pick Shahroo's brain, ask her what she recommends and what's worked for both her and her other clients when it comes to meeting your own needs. Prior to the session, you will be sent a form to complete to clarify your needs from your time together, so that she can properly prepare for your session, and ensure that you can get the most out of your time together.


Shahroo has learned through trial and error (7000+ coaching hours) that when it comes to changing habits, there is no set time-period or frequency of sessions that will suit everyone. Her clients set their own routines and desired plans of action (with guidance from her if they wish) and then she helps them (through guided, insightful, uplifting, advice-packed conversations), to stay on track and achieve their self-defined goals. She is also keen to avoid the experience many of us can relate to of having a session booked (and paid for) with a coach or talking therapist, only to have 'nothing to report' some weeks or know that we'd like to have got some more time under our belts doing what we know we need to do, before investing time and money again.


Some clients will choose to use Power Hours regularly for accountability and/or gaining momentum with their plans, as well as reflecting back new discoveries and personal insights as they implement new routines. For others, Power Hours are a one-off investment in a game-changing, stand-alone session during which they share what they're struggling with in in complete confidence and pick Shahroo's brain for the tools and insights that she believes will enable them to better activate their new routines and habit-changes, unblock what's holding them back; and leave them with the personal clarity and self-belief boost they need to put their desired plans into action.


If you're interested in booking sessions with Shahroo, it's likely that you already know her style, you already know what new choices you'd like to practice until they're habits; and you already know how much support you'd like (as well as what is reasonable and realistic for you at this time).


Apply to work with Shahroo by completing this very brief form. Her team will then get back to you directly with information on prices and availability.

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