Shahroo is regularly invited to deliver talks and join panels to discuss themes around mental health, motivation and wellbeing.​

As an engaging and experienced public speaker, she is skilled at handing over a diverse range of valuable insights and useful information in a small space of time.


This popular 1-hour 'rapid-change' workshop is the most efficient way for Shahroo to teach her Kindness Method framework to unlimited numbers of attendees; leaving individuals equipped to self-implement bespoke plans of behaviour change. Participants simply come with some changes they'd like to make in mind, and Shahroo shows how to make it happen. All that's required is a notepad and pen.


Shahroo communicates closely with organisers prior to each workshop to ensure that her delivery is tailored to the needs of each audience. This enables her to prepare bespoke content to present within her core framework; which draws from a selection of the most relevant tools and refers to the most useful case studies.


Shahroo's workshops do not include interaction between attendees, and the written exercises that she guides are always completed privately. Presenting her content in this way enables people to get honest about their unwanted behaviours very quickly. They needn't wait to build trusted rapport with a practitioner, or delay the change process by censoring themselves in front of other participants. This also means that the workshop works particularly well online.



The Kindness Method workshop has become even more popular of late, as so many are seeking holistic strategies to better manage - and adapt to - the new landscape of their lives. Now more than ever, individuals already know what sorts of new habits would help them to feel more calm, motivated, positive and productive. What they're calling out for are practical tools and coping strategies that empower them to embed healthier routines and boost their morale.


That's what The Kindness Method workshop provides.


The Kindness Method workshop with Shahroo was outstanding.


So useful and delivered so well!


‘Inspiring’, ‘fulfilling’, ‘useful’ and ‘optimistic’ are just a few of the words which came up time and time again. The session was invaluable.


That should be a compulsory

training for everyone​.


Shahroo's approach to behavioural change is a fresh approach which worked well with our audience and we received excellent feedback.


Shahroo is engaging, personable, and highly knowledgeable. The Kindness Method is borne out of her own experience but also working with a range of people, and this insight means it’s an approach that works, is easy to understand and adaptable on an individual basis. It’s been a life changer for some of our participants.


Our community loved her honesty, light-heartedness, courage and passion for offering proven techniques they can practically apply in their lives.


Shahroo is exceptional and motivational.


The Behavioral Change workshop given by Shahroo has been so well received that some of the team are calling it the best hour of their year!

Shahroo was so engaging and knowledgeable, and the material was universally applicable making it infinitely valuable. We will certainly be booking Shahroo for future sessions - quite simply, it was brilliant and everyone should do it.


Both her workshop and speech were an inspiration for the participants. She gave clear instructions for self-improvement, which can be useful any time, for anyone. We have been getting very positive feedback following the sessions.


Shahroo is a knowledgeable and compassionate trainer with and insight and expertise for delivering a range of evidence based behavioural change models. I rate her highly and have no hesitation in recommending her to any organisation.


​​Absolutely brilliant and so inspirational.


Shahroo is a wonderful person and an extremely competent professional. Her care and kindness has helped and continues to help us take better care, be kinder to ourselves and feel supported in an otherwise rather rough working environment.


Shahroo is so full of knowledge, wit and kindness, her genuine mission is to make others feel like a happier, best version of themselves. She is professional, always responsive and willing to go above and beyond to make sure the event is to the highest standard. She recently spoke to a crowd of 600 at Sweaty Betty Live and the feedback from this has been fantastic, with women from across the country messaging me personally to say how moved they were by her message (plus, her book sold out!)


After reading The Kindness Method it was immediately apparent that the route to change passionately shared by Shahroo would have a significant impact on the lives of our staff and children.  Using evidence based practice, Shahroo was able to skilfully share with us the tools to not only understand behavioural change, but to effect that in ourselves and others.  Over 100 staff from our cluster of schools were inspired, motivated and equipped to use these techniques immediately and I would highly recommend Shahroo to anyone looking to learn about challenge and lasting change.


Shahroo was a great pick for our 15-18 year old students, who needed to hear her message about kindness. She is relatable and personable and she provided some really practical strategies for changing behaviour that isn’t working. I can’t recommend her highly enough.