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The Kindness Method Masterclass
Discover a toolkit for changing habits
3 Hours   |   £65

When we identify a desire to change one of our habits or behaviours, we’re prone to approaching the transition with the best of intentions but a lack of understanding as to how to not only transform the habit itself but to give the change some permanence.


During this motivating live workshop, you will discover the self-empowerment to elicit self-led change - even if you have historically been resistant to it. Learn simple tools for transforming old habits into new ones, and along the way uncover the necessary toolkit for increasing your self-esteem and self-managing unwanted behaviours.


Drawing on Shahroo’s Kindness Method (laid out in her best-selling book on habit-change), you will be guided through a series of private written exercises that will help you to make positive behavioural changes that, far from fleeting, actually last. It will also give you the permission - and the skills - to form a plan for change, regardless of the area in which you would like to implement change.


Guided by self-compassion and self-awareness, this masterclass is for anyone with a habit - big or small - they want to change, reform or create, be it in their personal or professional lives. Come away with a bespoke plan for lasting change, a suite of transferable tools, new insights, and some much-needed inspiration (and motivation) for staying on track.

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