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The Last Diet Masterclass
Learn a framework for binge-eating recovery
3 Hours   |   £65

Have weight-loss diets backfired and turned you into an all-or-nothing, emotional eater who is either on or off a diet at any given time?


In this motivating workshop, ex-binge-eater Shahroo, will guide you to complete written exercises designed to help you understand your unwanted habits and plan the changes you want to make, and hand-over all the tools and tips she wishes she’d known about sooner when it came to changing her eating habits and managing her weight.


This is for you if:


- A food choice you perceive to be ‘bad’ can send you spiralling into binges and negative self-talk

- You’re constantly negotiating internally about whether to be ‘perfect’ or ‘terrible’ when it comes to how you’ll eat

- Despite managing to do difficult things all the time, changing your eating habits feels like an impossible task


Shahroo believes that binge-eaters who relate to her personal experience already know what they’d like to be doing (or more importantly, not doing). They don’t need nutritional guidelines. They need a better (and more compassionate) understanding of why they’re bingeing, as well as clear, step-by-step guidance from someone who really gets how shameful and lonely it can be to feel totally powerless when it comes to making common-sense food choices.


That’s what she is focused on providing so that, over time, we can all unlearn the damaging and unhelpful habits that dieting left us with.

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