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Thought Leader of the Year
Baton Awards, House of Lords

Tough love is over.
Kindness gets things done.

Shahroo's approach is inspired by her experience of working across the UK addiction treatment sector.

She learned there that the evidence-based psychological programs proving most effective in treating addictions do not simply focus on how to change one habit. Instead, they more broadly equip individuals with a diverse range of simple, non-judgemental personal development tools for navigating everyday life and thriving day to day. They empower people to create entire lifestyles to accommodate their healthier habits. They help to build the fundamental self-compassion, self-belief and self-awareness required to make lasting and meaningful changes independently.


Shahroo’s mission quickly became to equip the general population with variations on the harmless, evidence-based tools and approaches that she had witnessed transforming the lives of people who had lost faith in their ability to change for good (herself included).


She began to simplify and combine the most effective, realistic and compassion-based elements of her learnings into a practical toolkit of written exercises and simple advice; constantly adapting and updating her offering based on new observations of what really worked for a vast range of different people facing a range of personal and professional challenges.


Her approach quickly attracted widespread press interest from BBC, Forbes, The Times and many others.


Shahroo's simple toolkits for habit-change evolved into two bestselling books, game-changing podcast appearances, sell-out coaching courses, Guardian Masterclasses, a waiting list for private sessions (provided in response to ongoing demand) and sell-out workshops at global wellbeing events; as well as requests for keynotes and bespoke programs designed for organisations including Facebook, Amazon and Google.

Ben Lappin
Guardian News & Media

"This is not a self proclaimed guru rehashing and repackaging the same old self-help stuff we've all heard before, this is someone who really gets it.


Shahroo has a unique authenticity borne out of the unique combination of traits: most important is the real world training in addiction and recovery, the surprising and affectionate frankness of an old friend, and someone who's had to go there and come back (dealing with her own weight issues).


You want to trust Shahroo, and you're right to trust Shahroo."

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