Shahroo's approach to behavioural change was initially inspired by experience she gained working in the substance misuse treatment field and her admiration for those in abstinent recovery from drug (including alcohol) addictions.

It came to her attention there that some of the approaches proving effective in changing habits don't focus on meticulous planning (or indeed drugs), at all. Many of them are more generally concerned with increasing self-esteem, self-awareness and self-belief. She observed that the clients and patients who committed to developing themselves in these ways not only found it easier to change their behaviours, they became better equipped to deal with a range of other, more common day-to-day challenges across the rest of their lives. She became convinced of how much wisdom and motivational knowledge there is in the recovery community and developed an enormous respect for those who had made longterm changes.

Shahroo's focus quickly turned to creating more general personal development exercises (inspired by those she saw working in addiction treatment), so that they could be used by anyone to change more day to day unwanted habits. She workshopped new jargon-free exercises in a range of different settings, to ensure that they were accessible, effective and applicable to a broad range of behaviours. She even tested the the tools out on herself, and used them to address her own unwanted habits around disordered eating, low self-esteem and negative self-talk.

All of Shahroo's observations, experiences and experiments came together to create The Kindness Method, simple habit-change framework, and now also a bestselling book inspired by addiction recovery, that people around the world are using to make changes in their everyday lives.

When it comes to achieving goals, practical planning of course plays a part. At the core of Shahroo's approach however, is a belief that when comes to implementing any ambitious plan, the the key to sustained, meaningful success lies in learning to trust in ourselves more than our plans.


- BSc Psychosocial Sciences & MSc Psychology

- Completed 1-year NHS full-time Assistant Psychologist Placement, Clinically Supervised by (then) Chair, Faculty of Addictions, British Psychological Society

- Qualified for Graduate Membership with British Psychological Society (MBPsS)

- Worked as frontline Recovery Worker, then Criminal Justice Lead for Turning Point Waltham Forest (now CGL), trained in Motivational Interviewing, ITEP, Brief Intervention, Strengths-based Assessment and Risk Assessment.

-  Headhunted (and trained) as accredited Training Facilitator, Consultant and Bid-writer with Emerging Horizons (now Vital Signs)

(Was personally trained in, then designed and delivered evidence-based training to healthcare staff across the country in: Recovery Coaching, ITEP Mapping, Relapse Management, Needle Exchange, Strengths-based Assessment, Brief Intervention, Risk assessment, Motivational Interviewing, Goal-Setting, Appreciative Enquiry, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mutual Aid, Mindfulness-based Relapse Prevention & Group Facilitation). 

Trained in Vulnerable Leadership with Clearmind International and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) with Russ Harris and Contextual Consulting

- Went from Volunteer to Relapse Prevention Worker, Mediator and Support Group Facilitator at Amy Winehouse Foundation's Abstinent Recovery House for young women, Amy's Place

- Piloted & delivered habit-change workshops at The School of Life inspired by addiction recovery

- Launched a private practice in response to requests from individuals who wanted to have discussions with her that could help them change habits. This was following an article in The Pool about Shahroo's approach to moderation for those who had become concerned that their drinking was starting to become a coping mechanism for day-to-day challenges 

- Published The Kindness Method with Macmillan after a 5-publisher auction (now bestselling & translated into 5 languages)

- Named a Red Magazine 'Smart Woman of 2018'

- Chaired the panel on mental health at Southbank Center for Women of the World Festival

- Completed Hub of Hope Mental Health Ambassador training 

- Became most downloaded episode of the season on the Deliciously Ella podcast

- Trained humanitarians at Greek refugee camp in burnout and coping strategies with Indigo Volunteers

- Selected for Marie Claire's 2019 Verified Power List

- Awarded 'Thought Leader of the Year' Baton Award at House of Lords

- Published The Last Diet with Macmillan