Shahroo's approach is inspired by her experience of working across the UK addiction treatment sector.

She learned there that the evidence-based psychological programs proving most effective in treating addictions do not simply focus on how to change one problematic habit.


They more broadly equip individuals with a diverse range of personal development tools for everyday life. They empower people to create entire lifestyles to accommodate their healthier habits. They help to build the fundamental self-compassion, self-belief and self-awareness required to make lasting and meaningful changes over and over again independently.

Shahroo was convinced that the general population could benefit from variations on the same tools and approaches that she was seeing transform people's lives in addiction recovery.

She began to combine and adapt all of the most effective, compassion-based elements into a practical toolkit of written exercises and motivational information; adding her own observations and experience as she went. 

The toolkit evolved into two bestselling books, a busy private practice and sell-out talks. 



  • BSc Psychosocial Sciences

  • MSc Psychology

  • Completed 1 year full-time NHS Assistant Psychologist Placement, Clinically Supervised by (then) Chair, Faculty of Addictions, British Psychological Society

  • Employed as Recovery Worker and Criminal Justice Lead  for UK addiction treatment provider, Turning Point

  • Became a consultant and training staff facilitator with UK health and social care consultancy, Emerging Horizons (now Vital Signs)

  • Trained-in, designed, accredited and delivered evidence-based training to employees across the UK in: NHS Five Ways to Wellbeing, Recovery Coaching, ITEP Mapping, Relapse Management, Strengths-based Assessment, Brief Intervention, Risk Assessment, Motivational Interviewing, Goal-Setting, Appreciative Enquiry, Acceptance and Commitment Training, Mutual Aid, Mindfulness-based Relapse Prevention, Group Facilitation & SMART Goals.

  • Delivered training on behalf of Breaking Free Online, a digital health and behavioural science company specialising in addictive behaviour

  • Facilitated Mental Health Coach training with MIND Westminster

  • Trained in Vulnerable Leadership with Clearmind International

  • Trained in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy with Russ Harris, Author of The Happiness Trap

  • Became Relapse Prevention Coach and Group Facilitator with Amy Winehouse Foundation

  • Piloted sold-out habit-change workshops at The School of Life, London

  • Invited to to join The School of Life faculty and Business to Business Team

  • Launched private coaching practice in London and online

  • Signed a 2-book deal with  Macmillan following a 5-publisher auction

  • Published The Kindness Method  internationally

  • Included in Red Magazine 'Smart Women of 2018'

  • Chaired the '1 in 4' panel on Mental Health at Southbank Center for Women of the World Festival

  • Became an ambassador for the Mental Health Media Charter

  • Selected for Marie Claire's 2019 'Power with Purpose' List

  • Awarded 'Thought Leader of the Year' Baton Award for achievements of BAME women at the House of Lords, London

  • Published The Last Diet internationally

  • Appointed as Psychological Support Services ambassador for refugee-aid charity, Indigo Volunteers

  • Became a founding member of The Speaker's Charter​, which ensures good practice for those delivering messages on mental health

  • Completed training in Complex Trauma and Psychologically Informed Environments



Shahroo is a gifted facilitator and a subject matter expert. Her workshops on habit change were sold out at The School of Life London and the feedback from our clients was excellent. In particular how it led to real behavioural change due to the insights that emerged during the sessions.

She was also part of the launch team for The School of Life for Business, and she was able to skilfully lead all sorts of clients, audience sizes and interests.

She is professional, credible and she has a light touch when dealing with what at times can be challenging topics.

I would recommend Shahroo and her methods wholeheartedly!




When it comes to habits and behavioural change there are only two people that I recommend all of the time, everywhere: James Clear and Shahroo Izadi.


Shahroo's methods, developed from her extensive work with addiction recovery patients, are different and they work.


She also walks her talk - she is one of the kindest people you could meet.



Shahroo's core message - that lasting change happens when we swap self-judgement for self-love - is easily grasped and vitally important. What makes this approach different to others is that she offers a practical and achievable path towards your ultimate aim, whatever it may be. Rather than telling you what to do (or not to do) Shahroo helps you understand why you shoot yourself in the foot repeatedly, and empowers you to change on your own terms. I couldn't recommend her more highly.