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Bestselling self-help.
Proudly published with Macmillan.
Available in several languages (and as audiobooks).
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The Kindness Method

By combining her own therapeutic style, personal experience and techniques learned from working in substance misuse, Shahroo shares simple steps that help strengthen your willpower like a muscle, so you can sustain motivation for the long haul.

Shahroo shares her totally non-judgmental and flexible process for mapping and changing your habits, based on treating yourself with the compassion and understanding that would normally be reserved for others.

Eoin Colfer
Author of the Artemis Fowl series

"This book is wonderful. Kindness is king. Kindness is key"
The Last Diet

Shahroo shares how the same evidence-based tools she used effectively with her clients in active addiction enabled her to finally close the chapter on a lifetime struggle with binge-eating (and lose 8 stone of unwanted weight as a by-product).

The Last Diet helps you identify where your unwanted eating habits come from, and how to accept them, change them and what to do when you slip up through self-tailored exercises to maintain your physical and mental wellbeing.​

The Times
"No banned foods, no recipes, no fads – Shahroo Izadi’s weight-loss book is all about changing the way you relate to what you eat."
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