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Private Sessions

Across all of her work, Shahroo sees her role as more of a teacher than a coach. She hands over tools, frameworks and plans that individuals can learn, implement in their own lives and practice using to change their own habits as well as create their desired routines

Power Hour
On-demand time with Shahroo
55 Minutes  |  Price on Request

These fast-paced, intensive sessions provide an opportunity for individuals to run their challenges when it comes to habit-change past Shahroo; and get personalised tools, tips and advice on the spot. During this 'Power Hour' you can pick Shahroo's brain, ask her what she recommends and what's worked for both her and her other clients when it comes to meeting your own needs. Prior to the session, you will be sent a form to complete to clarify your needs from your time together, so that she can properly prepare for your session, and ensure that you can get the most out of your time together.

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