Shahroo hands over simple motivational tools designed to help you create new habits.

Her approach to behavioural change focuses on self-belief, self-awareness and self-compassion;

so that practical plans of change can be implemented meaningfully and sustainably.




Whether you're struggling to address unwanted eating habits or trying to procrastinate less, one-to-one chats with Shahroo can help to draw out the insight and wisdom you need to make lasting changes.


Through an upbeat, casual and jargon-free conversation, she hands over simple tools and motivational approaches designed to help you achieve goals of your own choosing.

An engaging, experienced and relatable public speaker, Shahroo is regularly invited to deliver talks and facilitate workshops on a range of themes, including habit-change, mental health, motivation, self-esteem, and coping strategies for stress and anxiety.

She is dedicated to handing over simple wellbeing tools that can be effectively integrated in a range of different settings and easily adapted to meet a range of different needs.

"The Kindness Method is one of my favourite books. I love Shahroo's positive, optimistic approach and her focus on building our self-esteem rather than tearing ourselves down"

- Ella Mills, Founder of Deliciouslly Ella