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Shahroo hands over simple tools designed to help individuals develop a kinder internal monologue and create a better relationship with themselves, so that they feel capable of changing habits on their own terms; and worthy of taking the same advice they give the people they love. 

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Shahroo is uniquely skilled at handing over complete evidence-based toolkits of actionable takeaways for busy professionals and diverse audiences in a small space of time.

About Shahroo

Shahroo's approach is inspired by her experience of working across the UK addiction treatment sector.


She learned there that the evidence-based psychological programs proving most effective in treating addictions do not simply focus on how to change one habit.


A powerful way to break even the most stubborn bad habit so you can live the life you deserve.

Steven Bartlett

The Diary of a CEO


Shahroo approaches podcast her appearances as wonderful opportunities to hand free tools, tips and insights to the general population; so that they feel empowered to change their unwanted habits immediately (and compassionately).

Bestselling self-help.
Proudly published with Macmillan.

By combining her own therapeutic style, personal experience and techniques learned from working in substance misuse, Shahroo shares simple steps that help strengthen your willpower like a muscle, so you can sustain motivation for the long haul.

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